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Repairs & Maintenance
Spares and accessories
1. Benefit from our expertise, skills & experience
2. Relieve yourself from stress by eliminating difficult compressor issues
3. Enjoy an increase in productivity by eliminating system failures
4. Experience a better staff compatibility & constant support
5. Take advantage of our super fast deliveries.

Repair of Bauer and other compressors
Repairs and maintenance of all types of compressors which involves functional checks, servicing, repairing or replacing of necessary devices, equipment, machinery, supporting utilities in industrial, business, governmental installations.
Servicing & yearly maintenance
 In Addition to routine maintenance of compressors or your diving equipment,
 that improves the performance and efficiency, you’ll also enjoy priority service.
 1. Allows us to manage & fix your issues from any location
 2. We solve your Issues faster, by eliminating time-consuming commutes
 3. You can reduce your costs by omitting on-site visit charges
 4. No disruptions to your routine operations, as we work behind the scenes
 5. We are flexible and always at your service, 24/7
 6. Monitor our work-in-progress with our exceptional communication skills
 7. We collaborate easily with your tech as well as non-tech executives